Welcome, subjects. Here you will find options for session payments, tributes, fines, and gifts for Vivian Robinson.

If you wish to get me a gift or send tribute just because, then bless your little slave heart. Gifts and financial contributions are a very sweet expression by a slave of his adoration of me. They are not expected and are always appreciated. Payments by paypigs, however, are always expected! And appreciation may or may not be shown to them, depending on my mood.

Below you will find several links to various payment/gifting methods. If you have any questions about these, phone me on +447497164994. If you reach my voicemail, DON’T leave a voice message (I’m terrible about listening to them). Just try again later, or Whatsapp me and let me know the best time to get back to you. Withheld numbers are not answered.


Adult-friendly site, with some rules about discretion. This site is popular with financial d0minati0n fans. Payment via card which is processed through Stripe. My personal information and yours are kept anonymous, meaning when you make a purchase/payment, I don’t see your legal name and vice versa. So if you use this method, contact me to let me know who you are and what you purchased, unless you wish to remain incognito. My Wishtender profile: www.wishtender.com/vivianrobinson

Amazon Wishlist

Not anonymous. You will see my name and I will see yours, but we will not see each others’ addresses. I have eclectic interests in life, so you will see a variety of items which are not necessarily related to B D S M and may seem baffling. Just keep an open mind. For instance, I love camping and I want to start doing camping d0mme sessions, hence the camping gear on my Amazon wishlist: www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/ZL7KE5EM1CXZ


Anonymous mobile application that offers easy transfer of funds and Bitcoin. A Cashapp account is required. Payments are processed through Stripe. I can’t see your real name unless your cashtag or screen name is set to your real name. You can pay using my cashtag, £VivianRobinsonX , or my QR code, or you can scan my QR code here:

Pay Pa1

Not anonymous and NOT adult-friendly. Discretion is a must, which is why I spell it that way. The Pay Pa1 app is required to use the QR code. If you prefer to use their website, my address is askvivian at yahoo dot com. But do NOT email me directly at that address because I don’t check emails there. I do not communicate with subjects via email, only via phone/whatsapp. You can scan my QR code here:


Similar to Patre0n. Third-party anonymous alternative to paying directly through Pay Pa1. Payments are processed through Stripe or Pay Pa1, but no Pay Pa1 account is required. Quasi adult-friendly, if done discreetly. Has a messaging function for private messages. You can use the widget below or by going directly to my profile on the Ko-Fi website. The default donation is set at £25, but that can be changed to any amount.

Bank Transfer

If none of the above suit you, you can do a bank transfer, which obviously isn’t anonymous, but by-passes needs for accounts, apps, etc, and no issues of being blocked for ‘inappropriate content’. Contact me for details.